Friday, August 1, 2014

16 week baby bump (#2)


so here is my very much 16-weeks-pregnant baby bump, although this dress is magical, so you really can't tell that i already look way more pregnant compared to my first pregnancy. that's normal, i hear, but still alarming when suddenly all of your clothes don't fit anymore and you're barely out of first trimester! i bought very few maternity clothes last time, because it took forever for that baby to show, but this time i don't think that's going to fly. good thing i had this dress in the back of my closet. it didn't really fit pre-pregnancy size, but i couldn't get rid of it, because it's such a happy color. and turns out, it's magical, too, so that worked out.

technically i will be 17 weeks tomorrow, and this photo is from last saturday, so in all honesty, that bump has probably doubled in size. i'm choosing to see this as a good thing, because that means that i look legitimately pregnant and not just like i had one too many chicken biscuits (which is also true. neither of my babies have craved salads or quinoa in utero. what can i say, but darn, right?;).

so apparently we have only 5 months left of pregnancy. when i read that today on my pregnancy app, i was a little shocked, because it seems like it just happened. but then i remembered how sloooowwwllly that second half of pregnancy went by last time, so i'm not too worried.

i've been feeling a little bit back to normal recently, so emotionally, things are really looking up. i'm even excited to be a stay-at-home mom again! and this week, i've been treasuring up all the time i have left with my only child. only 5 more months with just him and me! although i've always, always wanted a big family, and i adore the thought of a huge brood, there is also something kind of sweet and magical about only children, don't you think? the one on one time they get with their parents and vice versa! it's my mission to fully enjoy these last five months of just my toddler and me. we really get a long swell together, so it shouldn't be too hard.


  1. yay! it makes me happy to see your face. you look lovely :) and i am so excited for you and this next stage! and that dress is wonderful!! xoxo

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous :) Glad you didn't throw that dress away. It totally is a happy color.