Tuesday, August 12, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 32

ww 8_7

last week we visited the farm of friends of ours in Athens, Georgia. they have a garden, free-range chickens (as you can see), 2 pigs and a lot of dogs and cats. plus, 2 turtles. and they're getting goats too, soon. it's a new farm, so they will probably have double that amount by next year, who knows! ;) we had a good time checking out all their animals and land. wilder loved roaming free and picking up big, sharp tools, to his mama's everlasting anxiety attacks. i will say one thing about this kid though and that is that he doesn't get too close to the animals. it's like he knows they are not to be messed with, so that keeps me breathing easier at least. the chickens he did not know what to do with. the dogs he completely ignored. but the hoe! that is another matter. haha. i told them i would send him back to help work the farm when he gets bigger. doesn't he just look like he's in his element?

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