Monday, August 25, 2014

wilder in 2014: week 34

ww 8_24

every night before bed, after i nurse him, wilder gives me the deepest hugs. he likes to grip both sides of my head in his tiny little hands and press his face into mine and really smoosh his hands into my hair. i like it too. ;) sometimes these hugs just go on and on, and i wish they would never end. they are my favorite part of bedtime, and i feel so lucky to be the recipient of all this love.

will you stay like this forever my wileybear?




  1. So precious :) I bet he'll always be a Mama's boy. You just might have to remind him to slow down enough to give you hugs from time to time.

  2. this is so beautiful! (can you not approve this comment? i feel like i always say the same thing and i feel kinda lame. but i do love your posts :) xoxo