Thursday, February 25, 2016

weekly portraits


this week has been a little slower than usual due to sickness. when monday morning starts with a puking toddler at 4:30am, followed by more puking in the car (puked on carseats should just be chucked right away, right?! that should be a law or something) on the way to the doctor's office, everything starts to feel a little off. i've felt all week like i'm running behind (definitely not caught up on chores or laundry). but what's strange is how content i've felt to just be home this week. maybe because toddlers aren't bouncing off the walls driving you crazy when they're sick. ;) poor little guy. wilder is probably the best sick baby, ever. he really is so good when he's sick. evie, on the other hand, is a little more dramatic, haha, but that's okay, it's part of her charm. ;)

i've spent all week in my pajamas and haven't really accomplished all that much, but it was so nice to have an excuse to slow down and hold my babies. even though i'm a stay at home mom, i can forget to just get on the floor to play or sit and hold them for longer than two minutes. the never-ending to-do list of chores and things around the house is constantly calling my name, and sometimes, it's far easier to get to all those things on the list than to sit and read books or build forts. but this week, we did a lot of more sitting and snuggling, and it was good.

i did also take a few random shots of my babes with all the nice overcast light we're having.

runs around pretending to "fight" all day because we let him watch kung fu panda (he didn't like it) and toy story 2 (not this either). i am not thrilled. is this just something all boys do?
loves pretending that lars and his teddy (and the rest of the family) are star wars characters. and this morning he said he wants to go buy "a finn" (action figure). so yeah.
has also been saying "let's go somewhere" all day. i guess he's tired of being cooped up too?
does not understand the question "why" yet. thank goodness. ;)

makes the funniest faces, with no idea she's doing it. like even funnier than her brother was(!).
is BB8 according to wilder (he has only ever seen the characters, but clearly he's already obsessed).
has been on my hip all day, all week long. which i love but which makes getting anything done hard.
says "papa" whenever i ask her to say "mama." ha!
is simultaneously more independent and more of a cuddler than her brother.
has decided to like fruit. sometimes.


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