Monday, March 14, 2016



a few more little sayings from my wileybear that i find so funny:

"i don't like pad thai." (silence) "bad thai." (a few weeks ago when i was trying to convince him to eat his dinner. i can't even think of puns as quick as he can, you guys.)

"i really don't want you to give me something i don't like." (preempting whatever i was going to serve for dinner. it sounds so logical, but basically rules out all food groups except sugar.;)

w: "what are you doing?"
me: "i'm putting on makeup."
w (excitedly): "are you going to be a tiger?"

"you're my sweetheart." (yes, my heart completely melted out of my body.)

"i'm a storm trooper pirate. this is my costume to make my head feel awesome and my hands feel good." (about a basket "helmet" and something he was wearing on his arms like armor?)

w's teddy to w's truck: "are you a bad guy?"
w's truck to w's teddy: "yes, i'm a bad guy." (so obsessed with bad guys and good guys. normal?)

"first, you have to eat your avocado, evie. then you can have a treat." (to evie while they were playing. i love the way he is constantly trying to play with her and help her and teach her.)

"what should i do about this?" (i can never really tell what "this" problem is haha.)

"i'm going to wipe the floor because of the sprinkles." (non-existent sprinkles.)

"i'm a wilder-gator! i'm going to eat you!"

"i don't know about this..." (with a worried look, when i'm trying to get him to eat something he doesn't like...which is just about anything.)

"you're going to miss your family." (sung) (a month ago, when j and i were getting ready to go on our date to the high.)

w: "let's play the foot game!"
me: "okay, how do you play?"
w: "you throw it and toss it and break it and smash it!"
me: (confused.)

"thank you for your smile." (to evie. heart melt again.)

i kind of often wish i could keep him this age forever. sigh.


  1. um these are awesome. and i wish i didnt love pad thai so i could call it bad thai, too :) AND WERE YOU A TIGER!?!?!? :) xoxo

    1. haha so sad huh? i should have been! ;)