Wednesday, April 20, 2016

wilder's third birthday {a film}

we made a little movie of wilder's bug-filled third birthday party. we had the best day with wilder (and all his friends) that day, and he is still playing with some of the fake bugs we bought and hid in the pool full of dirt. i can't believe my baby is three! he is such a thoughtful, imaginative, helpful, caring, wonderful three-year-old. i couldn't have dreamed up a better one, and i'm so glad we have this little video of our morning together. after the end credits is a little scene we filmed early that morning right after i told wilder happy birthday, and he excitedly ran to tell his papa how old he was. that little man seriously has both of our hearts all goopy as we watch him grow. but kind of hoping this next year lasts longer than the past one so we can soak in all his little-ness.


  1. I love all the sweet giggles! T would have looooooved Wilder's party- bugs and dirt are two of his favorite things! What a fun birthday <3

    1. Ah, that would have been so fun to have him if y'all lived here! Yeah, I was glad that everyone else seemed as into the theme as Wilder was, haha. You never can tell! ;)