Tuesday, May 3, 2016

a date with my (little) boy


on saturday i got to go on two different dates — one with each of my boys! so it was the best kind of day in the world, and I'm not sure how i got so lucky! in the morning, before j and i went off on a bike-riding adventure (more on that later), i told wilder that his papa and i were going to go on a date and that after we came back i was going to take him on a date! he didn't quite understand, but i could tell he was pretty thrilled about it, because the first thing he said to me when we got back home was "i'm ready for my date now!" haha! then the whole time in the car he kept saying "are we on a date?" and then "where's my date?" ha! so then i explained to him that our date was going out to do something together. and i realized that he and i basically went on a date every day for almost two years before evie was born! i don't think he realizes that, which is good, and i don't think he minds too much having to share me with his sister. but i've been wanting to give him a little extra special attention because lately he seems to get the shorter end of the stick when i'm constantly chasing down evie and doing all the other housewifely things.

i was originally planning to take him into decatur to look at books and get some frozen yogurt, but then he suddenly declared he wanted to go to the fernbank museum of natural history instead. and since we have a yearly membership pass, i didn't have any reason to say no.

if you live in atlanta and have never been to fernbank, you should put it at the top of your things to do with kids list. it is our favorite place! i love that there are a few permanent exhibits, which are super interesting for older kids and adults, a bottom-floor exhibit that changes, and an upstairs "naturequest" which is this really cool play room for kids. there are some reptiles in tanks (salamander, alligators, turtles, lizards, snake), two bridges, a tree house thing, a ball shoot, an archaeology area, a sea-life area, a tunnel, etc. it really has everything, and the best part is that it's even good for little kids like evie's age. we actually went just the week before and evie got to explore it on her own for the first time, which was heaven for her. she just adores playing (climbing)! we usually spend the bulk of our time in the kids room and if we have time, we walk through the "a walk through time in georgia" exhibit which takes you through the natural history of georgia and the planet with lifelike recreations of many of the animals, including a room full of dinosaurs, which naturally is everyone's favorite part.

this time, after playing in naturequest, we went to see the dinosaur room and then decided to check out the new exhibit called wild music. wilder is totally his papa's son, because he loooooves music. most of it was a little over his head because it was showing how animals are nature's musicians, but he loved the jamming room where he got to make a little music of his own, and he especially loved the gift shop (ha). he didn't quite understand that the instruments there were for buying, not playing, but thankfully he was fine leaving it all there to go get a treat. ;)

papa took our picture before we left. my star-wars-obsessed, 3-yr-old. how did he get so big? i treasure this photo so hard. 

big dinosaur skeletons on the bottom floor!

tiny alligators!

im not sure what he's making this face about, but there is one tree "sculpture" thing which he does not like because of the animal sounds coming from it, so maybe that's it?

my constant gatherer/sorter. what a little mini-me he is, too!

held on to this ball for dear life, after some of the older kids tried to take it from him, haha. i did not make him give it up, because sometimes you have to let them win, you know?

my sweet sweet sweet sweet boy.

a lovely lady took this photo of us and i love it so much, just wish our faces were in focus! ah! oh well. :)

my little love.


  1. I need to add Fernbank to my bucket list!!

  2. Absolutely! We love it there!

  3. These are great photos! Thank you for sharing!

    1. So glad you liked them! We love Fernbank!

  4. So sweet, I love taking my Big kid on dates when we can. They need special attention from us!