Thursday, May 26, 2016

hilton head beaaaaaaach!, part 1 (first look)


last friday we headed out to hilton head island in south carolina for a little beach vacation. we rented a beach house with j's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and their little boy Beau who is just five days older than Evie! we had the best time! our beach house was just a five minute walk to the beach, and the beach was absolutely perfect! also, may is THE time to go to the beach, especially if you have little kids, because the rates are better and the weather while we were there was perfect! we never got too hot and the sun wasn't as intense as it is in july.

we arrived at our beach house around 4:30 on friday and after getting settled into the house, walked the kids down to the beach for a quick little toe-dip. evie's face when she saw the beach was amazing! she was a little out of her mind with giddiness the entire trip, but i love that i captured that first look at the ocean in the photo down below. doesn't she look completely ecstatic? haha. this little girl was a complete wild thing! if i hadn't held her back every day, i have no doubt she would have dove straight into that water! her favorite part was just getting to walk and walk and walk with all the open ground. freedom!!! haha. she is our little free spirit. ;)

also, it is so hard for me to believe that the last time we were at the beach was two years ago and wilder was evienne's age! i cannot believe how fast time has gone! and how big my little boy is! he seemed so much older to me at the time, but nope! in fact he was still nursing! so weird!

this face!

and this! her happiness is contagious:)


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