Thursday, December 1, 2016

grey, blustery mornings at fernbank


we have been waiting to renew our membership until fernbank had opened their new outdoor space, and when we went on monday, i was so happy we decided to renew. the outdoor space is really cool. they have a little kids playground that resembles nature instead of the usual brightly colored plastics, and a long walking trail. we didn't do most of the trail, but i'm excited to go back and see where it leads. evienne in particular had so much fun on this trip. a museum where you're allowed to touch (and sometimes climb) all the things! imagine! she was basically in heaven, as usual. it was such a perfect day for this trip. i have to admit i'm partial to grey, blustery days. there is just the feeling of magic in the air to me, so i have been so happy all week. if only this grey, 70s weather could just last forever! wilder also had a lot of fun exploring everything, but he remembered our last trip to fernbank when they had a music exhibit (which was temporary) and kept asking to go back to it. that boy is all about the music, just like his papa. :)

some weeks in motherland are really hard, but this is one of those weeks that i wish could just last forever, and i am now convinced that we need to start every week with a field trip. it set a tone for this week at least, that's carrying over. i have no home school theme for this week. we are just playing and exploring and enjoying the weather and the outside as much as we can. i think it's good sometimes to just play it by ear, let go of expectation (and the stress of planning/executing), and see where the week takes us. so far, we've read more books that normal, played for long stretches outside, discovered fernbank, rediscovered play dough, and done a lot of drawing/painting. we still need to get in the kitchen and since j and i started whole30 this week, maybe i'll do a healthy cookie kind of thing, which obviously i wont be able to enjoy, but it will make me feel better feeding them sugar. ;)

also, i've really noticed this week that evienne is saying everything, complete sentences and all. she is like full on toddler now, even though i am subconsciously not admitting it. her tiny little voice makes my heart melt into my socks. especially now that she can say "hold me." i dare you to deny her anything;)


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