Friday, June 17, 2011

sunny photos for a rainy friday

dianas from the beach.

i'm sure you're all tired of our vacation, 
but i can't resist posting the photos i got back
from the wonderful diana. i love not knowing
what the photos will be like until i've
had the film developed, but i wish there
were more than 12 or 16 in a roll. 
and i wish we could go back and take more!


  1. i LOVE these.
    i know you probably are tired of hearing me say that on like every single post i read, but i cant help it! i truly truly love these. and the other ones :) and you, if that helps my case :p xo

  2. thank you!!! i love you too:)

  3. This makes me miss my Hasselblad. Great film photos! Gone are the days of film. And btw, you are so gorgeous!

  4. I miss your hasselblad too! Remember when you brought it to Russia? I was so jealous of it! :)