Thursday, June 16, 2011

this week's utterly happy list

how to enjoy a week off: 

1. discover a coffee shop with a yard for your dog!
(sit outside with him or he wont be able to enjoy it).
2. savor your morning cup of coffee. then have more.
3. make as many green monster smoothies as you want
—however you want. 
4. trade the morning walk for a late afternoon 
mad dash through the rain.
5. snuggle with the family.
6. snuggle with the couch.
7. read like they'd never invented tv.
8. wear your hair down.
9. snack on a giant bowl of blackberries.
10. spend a lot of time staring into space. 

yep. that's about all it takes to 
make me happy these days. 

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