Thursday, June 30, 2011

this week's happy

on my list:

1. cereal with blueberries
2. taking the plunge & putting pen to paper
3. sweating through thrice weekly jogs
4. the glorious picnic photos in this magazine
5. news of friends' engagements
(and being asked to take engagement photos!)
6. the thought of sleeping in on saturday
7. the sixth month mark of my 365 day celebration!
8. my first art history class ever
9. getting to take classes in the main building

1 comment:

  1. 1. made me happy because it sounds beautiful
    2. made me happy because i am trying to put pen to paper too. and it feels so like a plunge. well said.
    3. made me happy because i am not exercising, but now feel inspired to push through and do so.
    4. made me happy because -- cmon picnics. need i say more?
    5. made me happy because those are always happy
    6. made me happy because i slept in today and im reminded how great it felt
    7. made me happy because im so proud of you and i love this blog and it makes me happy and reminds me to find my inner fete too.
    8. made me happy because you sound happy
    9. didnt really make me happy (or unhappy) i just found it interesting. i dont really have any idea what the signif is...but im happy you have 9 things on here so that counts for something, right? :) xoxoxo