Wednesday, July 6, 2011


we have a winner!

congratulations, hannah! says you won 
the magazine subscription for my six month mark giveaway! 
darn it all if it doesn't pay to be first! :)
email me your address and which magazine you'd like
a subscription to at:,
and i'll send that baby out! 
i hope you enjoy!

thanks for playing everything, 'twas fun!


  1. Congrats, Hannah. And congrats to you, r. for 6 months of fabulous celebrating. For the record, I tried 4 times in a period of 2 hours to get my comment in but google wouldn't cooperate, kept kicking me out. Anyway, contests are fun. I'll try again next time.

  2. seeing your face as i scrolled through all my unread google reader posts totally made me smile. i am going to write you a proper email this week. SO WATCH OUT :)