Thursday, July 7, 2011

way to go class!

launch party!

last quarter i was in a class that collaborated with
local publication, Atlanta INtown, to produce their
july issue, you may remember me talking about that. 
well, tonight we had a little launch party for the 
issue. it looks beautiful, thanks to another
SCAD student who did the cover illustration. 
and i'm proud to say that i have my name
in print in a real-life, bonafide newspaper. 
yessiree, folks. better get your autographs now.
they might be worth something someday. ;)

i want to take a moment to express my frustration 
at trying to take pictures at an event i'm also 
attending. i do such a bad job of it, and it's because
i'm so awkward. contrary to popular belief that you can "hide"
behind a camera, i find it actually makes you more conspicuous,
to wander around with a camera up to your face, instead
of mixing and mingling (which i'm also awkward at).
and so i take a few pictures really quickly, trying to make
it as unnoticeable as possible, 
feeling so rushed and awkward. and then i 
get home and wonder why i don't have better pictures.

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  1. i completely agree with what you said about being behind a camera NOT being an easy hiding place. i feel exactly the same. i think i expect that if i can just hide behind my camera, it wont matter that im utterly socially awkward. but the trouble is, having the camera makes me feel even more awkward. so then i take no pictures at all. at least you shoot a few! im impressed with that! i struggle with this a lot. and i feel like as much as people like looking at pictures, they are ridiculously resilient to being in/near them. which makes things even more awkward. i echo your "ugh". but thanks for posting this. i feel strangely encouraged. xo