Saturday, July 2, 2011

just the (three) of us

summer saturday.
(almost like vacation)

i've blogged about it here, but today i introduced jazz
to the bakeshop, most wonderful of all lunchtime bakeshops.
we woke up late and decided to head down to midtown, where
we're still convinced we'll find a perfect and perfectly priced living space,
for some café au lait (for me), americano (for him), caramelized onion quiche,
turkey blt and croissant. there are so many awesome
things about this place: huge, wooden tables for communal seating,
bread bread and more (freshly baked) bread, wooden panel decor, breakfast
till three p.m., good coffee ... need i say more?
afterward, we went back home for some writing (me) and reading (him), 
before taking lars to the park for some much needed puppy play time. 

off to eat some dinner at home and plan fourth of july happenings!

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