Saturday, August 27, 2011

je vole, je volais, j'ai volais

i've watched Wild Target twice in the past week
(hey, i have to live it up before kids, right? also, i'm 
a wee bit obsessed with the main character's shoes), so
i think it's only fair to give it a little celebration. 
it seems like i've watched a lot of movies this summer, 
what with my lit/film class in which we are always 
watching something, our recent summertime theater 
outings, and netflix...

but anyway, this movie has, in my opinion (not so much in 
rotten tomatoes' if you care about that sort of thing;),
so many things that make it delightful: 

1. i've been a fan of emily blunt since the jane austen book club.
2. dry, wacky british humor that i adore
3. assassins. perverse? i can't help it...
4. old english house in the english countryside
5. quirky characters, of course.
6. bill nighy. i know you love him, too. 
7. ron weasley from harry potter!
8. love, beautiful stupid love, between an unlikely, odd pair.
9. chase/action (sort of)
10. and lastly, did i mention the shoes?

if these are your sorts of things, too, you'll like it.

p.s. not child friendly — the assassin thing, you know.

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