Sunday, October 30, 2011

crispy, crunchy, crackily fall recap

 a whole free weekend?

well, mostly.
i finally started getting up early
to write first thing in the morning. so far 
it's helped with my so-called writer's block
(i.e. laziness). 
on sat. morning, lars and i saw the most gorgeous
fall leaves—hot pink and orange and persimmon.
i wished i had my camera.
we visited our neighborhood coffee shop twice, 
it was so lovely. i definitely could spend some
hours writing there one of these days. 
we also spent a lot of time sleeping, too much
time in traffic trying to find kitchen table chairs, 
and not enough time outside, but it was so relaxing. 
now i'm going to spend the
last of my free weekend watching a movie,
before my 10:30 bedtime. 
this weekend:
sat. morning coffee run
the library, our neighborhood coffee shop

just along for the ride

sun night dessert treat

better than a donut:)

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