Saturday, October 29, 2011


first dinner guests
in our new place. 

i don't always like to take pictures when i have 
people over because i feel like it's sort of 
intrusive, and I'd rather focus on spending time
with our guests, than taking great pictures.

so then you get photos like this, which is
fine, but doesn't exactly do the meal 
justice;). so let me just tell you, it was really nice!
the veggie pumpkin lasagna i tried turned
out pretty good, too. i love cooking seasonal!
but honestly, it's the company that was
(and is always) the best part.


  1. That lasagna sounds totally delish!

    And your company looks sort of familiar, too,although I can't quite place them.

    Speaking of company, your brother was over with a few others for dessert and Apples to Apples last night. I think it was the first time I've sat and talked with him. What a dear!

  2. Look how happy I am to be at your house!! :-)