Thursday, October 6, 2011

the year of being young

birth day. 

this is one of my favorite presents of the day: 
(a birthday coffee photo from a far-away friend)

also, jazz took me out for a super nice dinner
(too nice and too dark for picture taking)
at this italian restaurant in the neighborhood.
i love having neighborhood restaurants!
oh it was sooo good. i had beet salad, 
the best butternut squash ravioli EVER, and a
yummy warm chocolate tart, that was more 
like a souffle. best birthday dinner ever.

then, for some reason i took my picture,
so that you can all see what i look like now.
exciting stuff, huh?
remind me to never cut my hair again ;)
it was a regular day, except that i got out of my
internship early and went to look for a new
dress, which is one thing that i seem to 
want on my birthdays lately.
did i pick that up from some storybook?
the little princess, probably.

thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!


  1. happy birthday! daniel took me to valenza for my last birthday too. =) loved it.

  2. Happy Birthday, Reb! We're glad you had a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday! The restaurant looks delish!

  4. im way behind on reading/commenting on your blog but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and im so glad you included a pic. i am always :) to see your :). xoxo

    ps i think i get to see you next month! because ill be in both atl and austin when you are, if i am not mistaken! :)

  5. Happy birthday!!! I am all about having a new birthday of some sort. Eliza and Caroline always get a new birthday dress. No reason you shouldn't!

  6. thank you!!!! all the birthday wishes were wonderful!

    shifrah - valenza is so good!
    julie - yes, i recommend it! but not the beet salad...
    nicole - will you have time for a coffee with me when you're here?! i cant wait to see you!
    hannah - i love that eliza and caroline always get new birthday dresses, too! :)