Friday, October 7, 2011

a few things on the day after my birthday: 

the flowers i underappreciated yesterday.
i told jazz he should know my taste in flowers
by now. he said: how? i said: by noticing what
colors i wear, how i decorate. he said: so, black
and grey? i said: and white. (duh).
i'm kind of horrible, huh?
btw, i don't only like white flowers. 
i'm just not a big fan of fall colors.
but how nice they look now! :) 

a brief glimpse of the unfinished packing.
these books will be unpacked this year.
i had to change before dinner tonight, 
cause i was wearing the same thing as last 
year on my birthday. how embarrassing. 
and finally, my birthday cake. 
chocolate cake = the best part of birthdays.


  1. best post ever!! love the whole flowers dialogue, and the fact that you wore the same thing (and remembered!). too funny. love love love you. :D

  2. you could have kept the outfit on and just made it a birthday tradition! haha

  3. We are so funny the way we hate and then love the things are husbands do for us. Why do we do it?

  4. thanks nicole!

    anna, i know, i should have kept the outfit on and made it a birthday outfit! ha, i wonder how long before someone would have noticed! :)