Thursday, January 12, 2012

going on an adventure hunt

because i was inspired by nicole's post the other day,
and because i just love this photo,
i had to repost it...and talk about adventure, too.

found here. original poster unknown
i love them. adventures that is. i think. i mean, 
what's an adventure? i don't know. i'll tell you when
i find it. in the meantime, i'm going on a trip to
nyc today;) (woohoo!)
and that, my friends, sums up my problem. 
anything is an adventure, it just depends on how
i'm looking at it. for example, sometimes just making
a giant chalkboard for our house is an adventure. 
after four trips to lowe's, we have now: 
two giant half-covered-with-chalkboard-paint boards, 
a frame, another new can of paint, another new roller
head, another new paint tray and nothing on the wall, still.
hmmm. these things take time, right?

but actually, if i'm being serious, an adventure
to me involves (always) : luggage, a map(s), an
americano to go, sleeping somewhere
other than my own bed, shoes i love, a camera,
people to see and places to meet, sunglasses 
(for going incognito, of course), and secret-
telling. yes, i like to tell secrets on adventures.
oh, and singing. loud and off-key, preferably.

1 comment:

  1. sounds PERFECT. we should def sync up our adventures at some point, some way, some how :)

    have fun in NY!