Tuesday, January 17, 2012

his birthday, part 1

that's right, it's that time again: jazz's birthday.
(i won't tell you how old he is now, but you can probably
figure it out if you go back to last year's birthday and add one.)

things have been a little hectic here, post-ny-adventure, 
so we're sorta postponing super duper celebrations
for the weekend, but to keep things exciting, 
i decided to get jazz some birthday balloons.

which totally freaked lars out, then the
psycho dog from next door barged into our
house and tried to eat us (me and lars) and i 
couldn't get the neighbor woman to see
reason, so i'll probably have to buy
a baseball bat if i ever want to go into 
my front yard again, and then the man of the hour
came home and we ate some deliciousness
from the best pizza place EVER. seriously.

even better than the ny pizza we didn't 
have this weekend. oh, and then i gave
him a card. something about stud muffins.
the old guy at the grocery store thought it was cute.
at least, he chuckled when he opened it up and
read it right in front of me.

now, i'm going to convince jazz to watch some more
of the oh-so-awesome-show-i-now-love, downton abbey,
with me, since, well, it'll probably make his night.

big happy birthdays to the man i love!

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday to J. I wish that I had some of that cake Debbie made! Boy, I hated missing that.

    Downton Abbey has quite a following. I like it too. Did you enter the local sweepstakes?
    Each week one winner receives a Grantham tea set. The grand prize is a weekend at an Inn in Jasper, Ga.