Tuesday, March 13, 2012

sort of no good

we had a hard weekend over here, and i'm still recuperating. or getting over it. or something. i know everything is going to be okay, and i really am okay. but i'm in bed, rereading old magazines, drinking some coffee, thinking about beach plans. it sounds incredibly wimpy to me, to just be doing that, so i'll probably try to do something more productive. but you never know. i could be in this bed all day.

but really, it could be so much worse. and i'm thankful for so, so many things. so i'm just trusting in God and believing that everything works out for good, not for a good life, but for Him to make His home in my heart, that I would abide in Him and He in me. that is what really makes me happy and at peace.


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough weekend. Your recuperating methods sound perfect to me, especially that last part. *hug*

  2. AMEN. Reminds me of that song that says, "... I don't want a good life; I want You." Whenever I sing that, I hope it will be true one day! ;-)