Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the importance of talking about things

here's the thing. the thing is, i don't really like talking about myself, but while i'm sitting here (not as) hyped up on the medicines (as I'd like to be) (the saying is surely not "hyped up"?), my writing fingers itching, because hello, i'm supposed to be a writer and i don't like to talk about things?, i've decided to give it a shot. this talking about things.

but, you know what's hard about talking about things? i don't know what to say. everything is not what i mean. or i mean everything. it's a conundrum, a confusion, a mixed bag of swirly emotions and contradictory thoughts that won't make any sense if it comes out. you see? how to piece apart the millions of inconsequential thoughts i have a day into something with meaning.

i wish that at&t man would stop knocking on our door. was it weird that i talked to him through the window? how is that even possible? wait a minute. is that cellophane? i wonder if he knows i'm home alone. lars, would you protect me? i dont really want this raisin bread. but it's made. now i must eat it. why can't my blog just fix itself? what should be my next decorating project? i wish i had a sister. if i had a sister, i would call and tell her everything. but i don't. okay, back to the internet. let's see...what have i not looked at in the last hour? maybe there's something new to pinterest. i hope i can rewrite chapter six in two days, because it's not happening today. am i hungry? what time is it? i should probably sweep the kitchen.

obviously impossible. but today is just the first day. we'll call it a practice day, shall we?

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  1. See and I wish I could write about something other than my own life. My life is not that interesting and sometimes I don't want to be too personal, but it's all I know, so it's all I can write about. I think people who can come up with ideas and thoughts outside of their own little existence are immensely talented! Just keep writing...about whatever you fancy. You're great.