Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring doth commence

...with a bowl of spring-colored peanut m&m's

...which i nearly ate all of, all by myself.

Because it seems that spring is the season for new beginnings — and because my hormones are going crazy and it seems like my hair will never have another good day again — i went out and got myself a haircut today, which, though it may not work wonders, probably makes everyone who looks at me a little happier that they no longer have to see my fuzzy, damaged ends. so, mission accomplished. also, i thought my day would get a little more cheerful if i snagged these colorful bites of crunchy heaven and what do you know, i was right. maybe a little too right, as i ended up eating probably half of them while watching some fill-in online tv (suburgatory is kind of funny, right?), while waiting for my lasagna (why yes, i am a super housewife goddess! or i could be if i could just get my degree already!) to cook. Actually, i'm quite proud of that lasagna, since i didn't have to buy a thing to make it and managed to use up all our leftovers, too. it possibly has penne noodles instead of lasagna noodles on the insides, but who really notices the insides, anyways. pasta tastes like pasta. am i right?  

You may be wondering at this point if all i do is run around shopping and cooking and having my hair done. i wish. but no, i did get up before ten and slave away on my manuscript. ooo, i love saying that. my manuscript. makes me feel all writerly. which, by the way, is WAY overrated. if you ever have the itch to write a book, do yourself a favor and just squelch it right there in its tracks. that's right. like a bug. stomp on it before it ever sees the light of the living day. or else. 

So, i did do some writing today, even though it's my 'break.'  and maybe that accounts for my bad mood the rest of the day. huummmpff. and then it was off to see the wizard behind the macy's glass counter, where i found a perfectly lovely watch that begged me to take it home, but alas, twas not to be. maybe tomorrow though.

All of that to say that today was somewhat better than bad, but certainly worse than good. if you know what i mean. the best part was watching this (i'm obsessed) with the hub, while enjoying some savory not-lasagna.

Happy First Day of Spring!

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