Wednesday, March 21, 2012

got mail (and flowers!)

today i woke up and felt a little lost, a little adrift, or maybe weighed down. but i got up, put one foot in front of the other, looked for something to do, decided to take lars out, and there on my front doorstep, i found this:

...the most beautiful calla lilies. i cannot even begin to explain how much it cherished me, how loved and taken care of, how happy i felt (still feel). and then later, another friend called. and it somehow all boggles my mind to know this kind of care. for me. i'm humbled by and wrapped up in love right now. by the most wonderful, bestest of friends.

thank you and big x's and o's.

p.s. and now you know that if you send me flowers i will make a very public declaration of my love for you. you've been warned ;)


  1. Those. Are. STUNNING!! I have never seen calla lilies of those two colors. What a lovely friend you have!

  2. So lovely! Much grace to you in whatever you're going through... :)