Sunday, August 12, 2012

london, pt. 2

the london photo journey continues...

IMG_8805 copy
IMG_8722 copy
IMG_8677 copy
IMG_8628 copy
IMG_8706 copyIMG_8668 copy
IMG_8627IMG_8824 copy
IMG_8719 copy
IMG_8821 copy
IMG_8825 copy
IMG_8828 copy
IMG_8818 copy
IMG_8726 copy
IMG_8765 copyIMG_8792 copy
IMG_8736 copy
IMG_8730 copy
IMG_8754 copyIMG_8746 copy
IMG_8738 copy
IMG_8724 copy

aren't these english people so cute? in england they would say "aren't these english people lovely?" they actually use the word lovely all the time. even six-year-olds. as in, "squirrels are not lovely." true conversation overheard. :)

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