Tuesday, September 4, 2012

some photos of summer

blah blah blah

oh wait, you wanted actual words with this post?

hmm, okay, here is what's up:

this summer has felt so long and, truth be told, a little lackluster. i wish i could say that i've been soaking up rays by the pool or communing with nature in my online absence, but the truth is that i've mostly just been stuck inside...communing with my couch, as it were. it's strange how you (i) can go away to far off, slightly exotic places (twice!) for a week at a time, and come back and fall so quickly into a monotonous life again.

mostly i've spent this summer looking for jobs and reading all the books i can find. i've got books coming out of my ears here. i even got my first Georgia library card this weekend (and i never thought i'd say this but it has to be said that the san marcos library puts the dekalb libraries here to shame. at least the ones near us.)

so, that's why i've been (seemingly) inside all summer. and also because have you been to Georgia in the summertime? it's like the sahari and the rainforest put together. and as i sort of hate the heat/humidity unless i'm at the beach/pool, i've lost every bit of tan i got in mexico, and it's not even officially fall yet!

but really, i think i've been hibernating a little. recuperating from a very stressful and hard spring, recuperating from a very stressful and hard last four years. maybe when all this hibernating/recuperating is over (please let it be over soon!), i'll write about it.

and in conclusion, here are some of the very few photos i've happened to take this summer of daily, normal, boring, real life, which make it seem like i haven't had quite as drab a summer as i say! :)

IMG_2096 copy
IMG_2092 copy
IMG_2108 copy
IMG_2109 copy
IMG_8436 copyIMG_8445 copy
IMG_8438 copy
IMG_8448 copy

but i'm eagerly anticipating the first stirrings of fall, so hopefully i'll get off this couch and stop behaving like a vampire soon:)



  1. Well it at least looks like you've had a delicious summer! Always love your food photos. :)