Saturday, September 15, 2012

these end of summer days

i've been dreaming of 
hot apple cider and crunchy leaves underfoot, 
of nubby mittens and warm scarves, 
of train trips through lush, colorful valleys, 
of crisp mornings and warm kitchens filled 
with the doughy, moist scent of cinnamon rolls, 
of stockings and tall boots going click clack 
on cobbled stone streets at twilight in lamp-lit
northern cities, 
of snow flurries and the bite in your lungs
after a run in the autumn chill, 
of headless gingerbread men and candlelight 
and long talks around a campfire and 
apple picking and homemade pie and 
hot chocolate mounded with marshmallows 
and the wind howling. 

oh for the wind to howl. 
preferably here. 

i can't wait.


  1. You make fall/winter sound positively marvelous! Where are those pictures taken and how can I get there NOW? With all of the things that you describe to go with it please? :)

  2. Aren't those photos awesome?? It's Quebec City, Quebec....I want to go there now too:)