Wednesday, January 23, 2013

thankful in january

while january hasn't been a long month, it's been a long season. 
here are some things that i've been particularly thankful for: 

1. the wonderful excuse to eat as much fresh produce and dairy as i can.

2. all the soup we've been making lately: chicken tortilla soup, chicken soup (no recipe), lentil soup (my recipe is similar to this), white bean chicken chili, and cabbage soup (recipe below).
weeknight dinner has never been so easy—and nourishing.

3. our sunday dates to birth classes together (and the relaxation pose with massage at the end).

4. the surprise stunning necklace with our baby's birthstone loverboy gave me...i'm still in shock!

5. morning appointments with my midwife—because i get to sleep in a little!

7. baby kicks—and what feels like cartwheels and somersaults!

8. maternity jeans! i held out as long as i could, but i'm rockin' em now!

9. cake:)

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