Monday, January 21, 2013

this weekend life + an extra day off

the birthday cake i brought to our five guys date with some friends on thursday night to embarrass loverboy;) also the cake i might be slowly devouring all by myself. apparently no one else loves box cake as much as i do? 
 festive stockings for our saturday birthday dinner celebrations at fritti in inman park
it's official: fritti pizza is good but nothing can compare to the best pizza in town.
the birthday boy. love him.
 perusing old magazines with hot chocolate on my day off
this is what angst looks like. also, serenity. but these days, mostly angst.

a few pictures from our busy, busy weekend. in between all the church life activities, birthday celebrations, birth classes and chores, we've also been looking at houses every weekend (no luck yet, oh this house hunting is hard!) it makes for a busy life round these parts. i was partly thankful for a day off just so i could get to some of the house cleaning that we've been neglecting for waaaay too long. and i barely made a dent. sigh. also why we haven't had any over in a while. but as loverboy says, that's just where we're at right now. so, another busy week, here we come...

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  1. if you need somewhere to send that cake, you just let me know. i will give it a loving home. in my tummy ;) love you (and not just for your cake)