Thursday, January 17, 2013

jazz turns 32

10 things you might not know about loverboy:

1. he belongs in the theater — as he will spontaneously
burst into strange characters and accents.

2. he will order his waffles with syrup, bananas, strawberries,
whipped cream AND chocolate sauce if you let him.
but he says he doesn't really care for dessert...

3. when he watches a movie, he listens to the soundtrack
 first, then the dialogue (sometimes).

4. he loves to teach lars new tricks and will play hide
and seek with him for hours. usually at bedtime when i want
everyone to be quiet and calm so i can sleep.

5. more often than not, his great ideas happen at 11 p.m.

6. he doesn't understand pinterest. (which is totally fine with me)

7. he cannot keep a secret (he is like this). except recently when
he surprised me with the most amazing, amazing gift. more on that later.

8. he was in a band in high school and plays the guitar. it's kind of a turn on.

9. our first sort of real date was at 6 in the morning at Sweetish Hill
Bakery, and they were closed so we just sat outside and talked. but we
had been talking on the phone since 2 am that morning, so we were
delirious and didn't have much to say.

10. before we were married, he once left his car running in a
parking garage all day while he was hanging out with me.

happy birthday my love!

i love you more than spaghetti ;)

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  1. I love this post and that SNL skit was hilarious. And I'm super curious about the gift.