Friday, February 1, 2013

goodbye to january

loverboy said to me the other day that january sure was going by slow. i told him that lots of people think that—my effort at being nice on a really crabby day. sometimes i feel like all i ever hear about january is how slow it is--and then i wonder what exactly people are waiting for. what's not to like about january (having never lived anywhere in january except austin, texas, southern california, and atlanta, georgia of course;)? it's a month for new year's resolutions and new beginnings and fresh starts (all of which i think i love). it's a time for scarves and mittens and long socks (other things i think i love but probably don't really). and so, i wasn't really supportive of his statement at the time.

but actually, he was right. january was like molasses in winter. and that saying right there means i've been too long in the south. january was not a happy place, over all. there was sickness. there was house hunting every single weekend. there was a bathroom that stayed dirty for the entire month. and now you know to use our bathroom at your own peril. all i have to say is, let's be a little faster february (and march)!

so i took today off to help things along. and also because things are just real hard for me at the moment.

but here are a few things that made me happy this week:

a present! cutest book set. can't wait to read these:)
flowers from my loverboy just because he likes me. those are the very best.
favorite snack. also, about 11 grams of protein. oh yeah.
my first baby clothes purchase! ridiculously excited.
tornado warnings at work on wednesday = très excitement, and great moody weather.
another present! so excited for all the books in our baby's library!

hooray for the weekend! 


  1. Perfect timing :) I was just trying to decide what tribute *I* should give January. It didn't seem overly-slow to me (March usually steals that show) but it does seem like December was a looong time ago. That being said, I was glad to be reminded about the things i DO love about January: new beginnings, scarves (Southern California. What?, and new resolutions (all of which, of course, I keep. Without fail. Ever. :P).

    February is always harder for me, I think, so maybe I cling to January as the last bastion of sanity :)

    Also I LOVE the wellies-in-the-doorway pic. Can I use? Will credit.


  2. of course! i'm glad you like it, it was actually pretty tricky because it was getting dark outside and you can probably tell that the boots aren't in focus at all - that red is so hard to photograph in bad light!