Tuesday, February 5, 2013

little reminders

all over the house i keep finding these little stars that loverboy has secretly placed. they're supposed to remind me to do my pregnancy exercises, but i secretly never do my exercises when i see them. still, every time i see them, i smile—they are like little love notes, little reminders of the time of life right now. they are reasons to stop for a moment and remember again that where we are right now—this instance, waiting—we will never be again. it's so special. and i find myself all the time forgetting and wanting the time to go by quickly (although that's for other reasons). but i know that 9 weeks is so short and it'll be here before i know it. and it'll keep speeding up from there. i know that. but it's so hard to remember when you're in the middle of something terrifically miserable (again, i don't mean my pregnancy). it's hard during those times to enjoy the good things. and it's tragic when it's such a terrifically good thing. so i'm trying. these stars really help.

thank you to my dear loverboy who rarely loses sight of the good things.

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  1. this is such a precious post---and i love the idea of using the little stars as reminders. or maybe i just love the idea of having little stars posted all over the place. :)