Saturday, February 16, 2013

so this is a Saturday!

today, all my dreams came true. for the past two weeks my recurring daydream has been to sleep in on Saturday morning, order a large cheese pizza and eat it all by myself, in my pj's.

and so today, i did just that. mostly that is — i could only eat two pieces of pizza before my shrunken stomach protested and i wasn't wearing pjs as i can't sleep in these days and had to run some errands beforehand anyways...but you get the picture. i've been relaxing. which might also mean cleaning the entire house and doing all the laundry. it totally counts. i even made myself oatmeal this morning — non instant. yeah.

so. my floors are mopped and vacuumed, my sheets are clean and the plants got watered. i think i can make it through another 6 weeks of work. i think. (prayers are also being accepted at this time.)

extra hugs and kisses to my dear loverboy who gave me a day off and went with our realtor by himself to find us a house.

now i go to continue the Saturday of all my dreams with three boxes of girl scout cookies. what? i'm pregnant! (i told you i had it made over here.)