Saturday, February 23, 2013

valentine's 2013

so this is old news, but on valentine's day loverboy took me to see dracula at the ballet! it was fantastic to have a night out together and the ballet was pretty good. i was most impressed with dracula himself. we also liked that they stuck so closely to the story, which we listened to together during my first year of grad school on librivox. now i can't think of dracula without thinking of the super nasally voice of the reader when she would read, "Mina Harker's journal." but the ballet was really fun. and actually it was loverboy's first real ballet! he took me to ballet austin on our first valentine's day together when they were doing this cool thing where there were three different dance companies who performed in different dance styles and the audience got to vote on which they liked best. the ballet was the best of course, but it was a short, simple production, so this one was much more interesting. seeing ballet always makes me wish i'd taken it as a kid. but i was one of those tomboys who wasn't interested at the time. i was quite impressed with this date as loverboy thought of it all himself and didn't even need me to say let's do something! then i went and got grumpy about something stupid and almost ruined it, but you know...just keeping things lively;)



  1. Glad you enjoyed! My brother was Dracula...he is pretty awesome. Next time let me know if you two ever want to go to any other Atlanta Ballet shows!

  2. oh! so cool! I've never read Dracula, and I wouldn't have ever thought of it as balletic, but I'm definitely intrigued now. May have to add this to my #goodreads to-read shelf!

  3. What a fun date!! And I love the pictures!

    By the way, we made your chicken tortilla soup recipe a couple of weeks ago and it was SOOO good! We've definitely added it to the rotation. Thanks for sharing! :)