Tuesday, March 19, 2013

a baby is in there!

isn't it amazing that there's a baby in there? that's all i have to say really. and also, stay in there for another 3 weeks baby because we still need to set up our bassinet and wash some clothes and install a car seat and also i want my braces off first...but seriously, i can't believe a baby might really be here in a few weeks! this is blowing my mind daily.

fun third trimester facts:

1. babies can kick like a ninja in there.
2. i have no idea where my innards are. somewhere behind my spine, i'm guessing.
3. skin really can stretch out the size of a basketball.
4. pregnancy is easier in third trimester because you can just about eat like a normal person without insane indigestion/nausea and you now look really pregnant and not just fatter than normal. and also, the waiting is almost over.
5. pregnancy is harder in third trimester because you just try sleeping on a basketball and you'll know what i mean and also because all your joints feel like they're about to give. any. second. now.
6. i'm still as grumpy as i was in first trimester, but probably—hopefully—better than second.
7. my dairy intolerance has disappeared...so i should probably have as many shakes as possible. for the baby.
8. it's super fun to buy things for a baby, even when it's bottles and sun visors. sometimes i forget its for the baby and not me. i mean, we're kind of the same person right now.
9. pants are not fun. neither are work clothes.
10. husbands are pretty awesome and deserve some praise. especially when they give you nightly back massages.


  1. Well put, Becca. It really surprises me how much and HARD those little guys can kick inside there! And how they find these little crevices to burrow into - didn't even know I had all that space inside. Can't wait to see your little one - maybe our babies (you, me, and Grace) will all have the same birthday! :)

  2. B, you look wonderful! slightly obsessed with your outfit! can wait to see you and your bebe in may! (hopefully!)

  3. Jenee, that would be Awesome if we all had our babies on the same day! Gracie, yes! I can't wait to see your baby in May either!