Saturday, May 25, 2013

austin, our austin, all hail the {muggy} city

so, i will write something about this in the next post (in my sleep tonight), but thought i should break up all these photos into two posts. here's a few snippets of our wonderful, whirlwind weekend in austin with some much loved, much missed friends and family and taking in the austin sites. also, since when did austin become such a trendy food-lover's heaven? seriously, things are getting crazy in that town. we need to get back before it gets out of control...

and speaking of out of control, the humidity was what was up! i really didn't remember it so clearly. it was like being in a beachtown! i guess atlanta gets super humid, but i would say it's more of a wet humidity here compared with a dry humidity in austin...which makes no sense but just go with it. maybe it's because there was a dry wind?

one sad thing: only getting one photo with the couple, and not even on their wedding day. i was lucky to see Laurel in her dress, that's how crazy the wedding was for me with a babe who had had enough of traveling and seeing people by monday. but loverboy taped it and there were a few friends on hand to hold the baby while i snuck a bite of my lunch and got to see the couple tell their story. they are pretty adorable.

and one last note, before i go write the really brilliant thoughts in bed — thought i was catching a cold on the last night and it turns out i may have allergies for the first time ever. say it isn't so. :/

my brother and his beautiful bride-to-be at their rehearsal dinner. aren't they cute?

brother with aunt cathy and baby calleigh. nom nom.

wilder slept through the whole dinner -- and then didn't sleep through the night!

our only photo with the couple

me and wileybear

the cutest worried little face

 tea at my aunt's is the best thing ever

 as are these homemade scones by my cousin jessica

cousins! minus nine;) 
i do, i do