Saturday, May 25, 2013

jumbles from a sleepless mind

i was going to write a longer post about going to Austin for my brother's wedding last weekend, but then my baby shrieked to remind me that he wasn't in my arms. true confession: i wrote that last sentence in bed last night as i was trying to fall asleep before Wilder woke up to be fed again. i thought about getting out of bed to actually write it down so i wouldn't forget it because it really seemed brilliant  at the time, but then i must have fallen asleep. and then i really did forget the brilliance that followed it. but let me assure you, it was genius. seriously, all my best thoughts come when i'm falling asleep. which i always seem to be doing lately. or else thinking about doing.

anyways, these are the things that have been happening while i've been thinking about sleep or sleeping or holding my gosh-darnit-so-cute-but-why-dont-you-sleep-on-your-own baby:

1. moving. did i mention that? i probably wrote about it in my sleep.
2. taking our 5.5-week-old on his first plane ride to Austin. it's more fun on other people's instagrams.
3. showering once a week. just don't think about it too much, i don't;)
4. buying some grown-up furniture.
5. trying to sneak in trips to target. baby really hates target. just wait till he meets the walmart down the road!
6. cosleeping. yes, it's happening (not all night and not every night, thankfully!). it's called ill-do-anything-for-sleep-itis. i get it now.
7. lots of snuggles and singing and bouncing for wilder. lots of mini donuts and coffee for mom.
8. learning that if i don't get up before the baby, there's a good chance i won't get out of my pajamas all day long. see number 3.
9. eye contact and smiles from my baby which makes my heart melt.
10. a few real meltdowns, because let's be honest, all of this #everythingatonce stuff is hard. but at least one of these things is worth it;)


  1. Sounds like a normal, new mom and a good one, at that!

  2. like = you/wileybear/yourwriting/thispost/sleep/geniusthoughtsatnight/you