Monday, June 10, 2013

two months old already, someone please stop the clock

this weekend was a momentous, but strangely uneventful weekend. or maybe it just seemed that way because the ratio of things to-do to things done is horribly huge and undiminishing. and apparently undiminishing isn't a real word. we tried to do some things (i think?), but the weekend always goes by too fast, and then you're still left with a huge long list of things that didn't get done. and oh, maybe half a thing crossed off. however, of dates to mark, there were two big ones over here: loverboy and i's five-year anniversary was on friday and our baby boy turned two months on sunday. can you believe it? two whole months. that is nonsense.

i know it's total cheese balls and probably super boring for everyone else to hear, but i'm still in complete awe of this babe. i. just. can't. believe. he's. real. like, really. i can't believe it. whenever i go out with him, and people are looking at us (well, him really), i have this constant slight paranoia that they don't believe he's mine. i think it's because i don't believe it myself. he's just too wonderful. how is it possible? every time i look at him, i mean really look, i start to drool. seriously, this boy is yummy. last night as i was going to bed, i had to shine my phone light in his face as he was lying in his bassinet (i know, i know, mean mommy) just to make sure he was still there and still breathing. ever since he's started going to bed at 7 or 8 i really miss him by the time i go to bed around 11. it's like a missing limb or something. but in a non-creepy kind of way;)

and so, to commemorate the two month mark, Wilder got his first shot today. yay:/ of course it was horrible, but he was a total champ and didn't cry as much as i thought he would.

i promise i'm not going to give you a laundry list of everything he's thinking, doing, eating and pooping, because i know you'd probably toss your computer across the room, BUT this one thing you'll want to know — over the past couple of weeks he's been super smiley. it's the darned cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on. just so you know. see, told you it was important. but he also totally knows my phone is a camera and is trying to steal his soul, and so i don't have much proof of his smiles. so here's another look that i still can't get enough of:

dear Wiley Bear, please stop growing up so fast.
your mama


  1. Preciousness itself. I love how the Lord times it so that right as you're mourning the loss of newborn-ness, they start smiling, like super on purpose smiling. =) It continues like that: A "loss" is compensated for by a new joy. It's comforting.

  2. I love your mama posts. Makes me look forward to the next stage without being delusional that it's all easy peasy :)

  3. this made me all kinds of happy :)

    and this "he also totally knows my phone is a camera and is trying to steal his soul, and so i don't have much proof of his smiles." made me laugh for reals :)


  4. Is it strange that this made me tear up? Your Wiley Bear is too precious! Can't wait to see a photo capture of one of those smiles!