Tuesday, July 30, 2013

peace for 50 cents

this weekend was what i like to call the epic no fight weekend. the hubs and i had a weekend of smooth sailing. and so let this one go down in the books as that maybe one weekend in a thousand where everyone got along. you know, it's surprisingly easy to do. you just have to like be nice and stuff. also, let the wife drive, give the man some food (and coffee and sleep), don't sweat the small stuff (that one is so hard. the small stuff is the only easy stuff to sweat about man! and we all know i like things that are easy;), and eat plenty of hot dogs (but not from costco).

also, i've started fining loverboy when he tries to tell me about video games. it's surprisingly really helpful in the how-to-stay-married department. here's how it works. does your lover do something that super annoys you and they just won't believe that it annoys you? fine them every time they do it. i earned 50 cents this weekend. well, almost. you can also cut them off mid-sentence with the threat of the fine and that works even better because then you don't have to sit through the annoying thing first. i learned that one from That 70s Show (Eric owes Donna a quarter every time he starts talking about Star Wars), which is really good for the learning. for instance, the jackie is always right. (i'm the jackie.) i'm talking to you, eric. i mean, loverboy!

it was a pretty typical weekend for us, really. we let the baby wake us up at 8 and then took turns running errands while he napped. on saturday my errand was taking the dog to the park for the first time in 3.5 months. i need more sunshine in my life. then around 4 we got out of the house and went shopping for house stuff (hello ikea for the fourth time in a week!). on sunday we slept in and missed church, which let's be honest, has happened a lot in the last three months. what can i say? these babies are sleep-stealers. i made pancakes for probably the second time in my life and then remembered that i don't like pancakes so much. i think i like them, but then i don't. it's sad. i so much want to like them.

then loverboy spent four hours on our yard and i swore we would never buy a house again. loverboy swore our next house would have fewer trees and fewer snakes, and then i swore our next house would be somewhere north of the mississippi. there was a lot of swearing. ;)

all in all, it was a fine time.

...and also, kind of boring (but in a good way??). turns out, a fight-free weekend is the derivative of a boring weekend. so next time...just kidding!

who could call a weekend with these two faces boring??

i sure do love them.

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  1. Oh goodness those are 2 hilariously adorable faces! Especially the little one! Well, maybe both.
    But, please don't tell my husband about the fine thing. We might have fining for whining. Or something and I'm kinda broke already.
    Darling baby boy. Perfect blend of mommy and daddy.
    Lovely blog (okay I've been stalking.) Mind terribly if I tag along?
    You're a talented writer, dear. And a pretty darned good babymaker!
    Janet M