Wednesday, July 24, 2013

on making a home (sort of)

as i type this, it's windy in my backyard and sunny out front. probably in an hour it will start to rain again, because the weather this summer is schizo.

it's sort of what my state of mind feels like right now. during the day i've been psychotically stalking furniture websites trying to find the perfect chairs for our living room at an affordable price in between feeding, changing and playing with a baby who really deserves my full attention. come ten p.m. i am exhausted like i've just birthed a second baby. that's what this house feels like — a second baby. i know it's all i ever talk about. blah blah blah. i think i mentioned that patience isn't my strong suit? i want it to feel like a home like NOW. but with a baby, everything is sloooooooooooooow.

i think my nesting instinct that never happened when i was pregnant just kicked into hyperdrive.

my advice to all the pregnant and/or soon-to-be-pregnant people out there: get your big projects done before you have kids!

in my mind i will finally be able to relax when this house feels like a home. on a daily basis i swing wildly between wanting to just let everything lie where it is and not touch it till next summer and wanting to do everything THIS WEEKEND (every weekend i have hopes for that. and every weekend it never fails to amaze me how little progress is made).

but if there's one thing that motherhood has taught me, it's that you have to just go with the flow. by all means, stop and tickle some baby feet in the middle of ikea. take out the camera for some photos of your sweet baby sleeping with his eyes open (why??). taking the time to just be with this little man, homemaking be darned, is what life is all about these days.

from a few weeks ago:

but since i've sort of got a one track mind and really this place is bugging me, does anyone have any recommendations for good artwork? thanks!

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  1. Hey Rebecca! It's Christina Kusch and I found your blog through Instagram. I seriously laugh out loud when I read your entries. Anyway, are you into DIY stuff? Here are a few websites I follow for decorating ideas (not sure if you've seen them):

    You have a lovely family and of course you would have a beautiful baby.

    Much love,