Monday, July 8, 2013

how to paint *all the walls in your house

you know how when the weekend rolls around and you are so super ready to get the party started by not painting *all the walls in your house? well not me. i love painting *all the walls. i live for it!

no. no i don't.

but on the up side, it turns out that when your weekend is packed with lots and lots of painting of *all the walls in your house, a table to pick up and assemble, and an infant to feed, entertain and try to get to sleep, you can still manage to be a super grump. i know! it isn't easy, but someone's gotta do it.

seriously, the last two weekends have been painting sagas. and we've learned many things, as one does when one learns as one goes.

and now, i consider it my special commission to pass on these sage bits of advice to you:

1. cheap paint is like real butter. it don't spread. so buy the expensive paint. (and real butter, because duh).

2. buy an arm brace for the tendonitis that will surely follow painting the ceiling.

3. paint tray liners and stir sticks are not optional. and no, a piece of cardboard is not a good substitute.

4. stir your paint.

5. cut in before you roll. or go ahead, roll the wall three times. for the fun of it.

6. remember to sand your spackling jobs before you start painting. and preferably before turning the fans on too.

7. make sure the white on your walls is not whiter than the white on your trim. because then your trim will look dirty.

8. don't listen if your husband says "ok, do it your way, it seems to be working for you." instead, grab a coke from the fridge and head upstairs until the painting saga finale. where you will swoop in and take all the credit.

9. have a father-in-law who will come over and take over when the painting has become a monster who has eaten your husband's arm.

10. the level of success is heavily weighted by the trifecta of painting essentials (coke, donuts and beer).

if this doesn't spare you the painting sagas, all i can say is, i hope you at least remember number 10.

*and now to be completely truthful, because that's what blogs are for, we did not paint ALL the walls. we painted the dining room, living room and kitchen. but it is ALL the walls I am painting for AWHILE.

happy monday to you!


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  2. :) You are too funny! We have since learned that DIY is highly overrated.

  3. :) too TOO funny. and also perfect. love.

  4. I wish I could live on your shoulder, because you make your life sound so completely hilarious and real. (Plus, you have the world's most expressive baby!) #1 is the best. Because, duh.

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