Friday, July 5, 2013

happy fourth!


well, wouldn't you know that the fourth of july would fall on a rainy thursday? there should be a law against that. the city of decatur was so ticked off they postponed the fourth of july till september. seems like a drastic solution. my much more awesome idea is to give everyone friday off too! but sadly, no one asked me...

all i wanted to do for the fourth of july was find a good hot dog and maybe get a patriotic popsicle. only, you can't eat popsicles in the rain, and then i made the really great decision to go to some questionable hot dog place called Skip's near decatur, rather than following the reviews for best hotdogs in atlanta. and thus, our hot dogs were...well, sad and puny. and most definitely not real chicago dogs like they were advertised. but! we had hotdogs! and some good conversation until loverboy got bored after five minutes and wanted to go! do! stuff! okay, okay, maybe it was ten minutes. i tell ya. men and their always wanting to do stuff. can't a body just relax in a dirty, uncomfortable, fast food booth with a cheap hot dog in hand every once and again?

after a naptime and some coffee and some serenading of the baby, we went over to the grandparents house for some wings and patriotic cake (much better than a popsicle now i think about it) with loverboy's virginia relatives down for the weekend.

i think wilder really enjoyed meeting his uncle andrew. maybe uncle andrew can teach him a thing or two about being bald. ;D

i'll have that right there.
sad little hot dog.
but really, can a hot dog be gourmet?
patriotic cake! patriotic marshmallows = regular rice krispy treats.

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