Tuesday, July 2, 2013

my new job

yesterday would have been my first day back to work after maternity leave, but we decided i would stay at home with Wilder. this makes me so happy. it really does. i think all i've ever wanted was to have a family and be a stay at home mama. and i'm so grateful for this opportunity. even when i'm not really sure how we'll swing things financially or when it seems like i'll never get to leave the house again without paying in skipped naptimes for the rest of the day. i still love it.

but as i like to remind loverboy, it's not all fun and games. for instance, naptimes spent crying instead of sleeping. they are not fun. neither are shots. which was how we did yesterday. this mothering thing can be quite exhausting. so today, i am celebrating my new job by sitting on the couch and pondering the intricacies of the perfectly brewed cup of tea, courtesy of a lovely care package, and the bewitchery of my baby's still-blue eyes.

in other news, i have a bruised eardrum and negative pressure in my ear, supposedly from flying with a cold. also, there are mysterious bruises on my left leg that look like fingerprints. i like to think they are the battle wounds of motherhood. i'm not sure why because it's not like this baby can stand up, much less make fingerprint bruises on my leg, but still...motherhood really takes a toll on a body.

lately, this is how our mornings go:

loverboy: "he's awake." or, my favorite: "we should get him up now to keep him on his schedule."
me (having just been rudely awakened from semi-coma sleep): "huh?"
loverboy: "do you want me to hand him to you?"
me: "uh?" struggles to a sitting position and holds out arms. eyes open just enough to catch the baby.
baby: "gulp gulp gulp."
loverboy: bye!
me: zzzzz (no, but i wish)

oh yeah, this is the life.

no, but seriously, it is.



  1. Lovvvvvvvve. Congrats on your new job. ;)

  2. Enjoy every minute of it :o)

  3. Life at home certainly has its struggles, but I'm convinced there's no better place for me to be! So happy for you and your new job! Your lucky to have such a cute boss! ;)

    P.S. Staying home also means I never have time for blog commenting, but I've been reading along to all of your posts and enjoying them (and the photos!) so much! Just wanted you to know:)

  4. And that should of course say "you're" and not "your". It was just a typo, Mrs. Minto, I promise!! :)