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All My Favorite Baby Stuff for the First Three Months

a friend of mine asked me recently about my favorite baby products. i am by no means an expert on these things, and i firmly believe that everyone's ultimate baby list really depends on their family/situation/environment/baby/personal style, etc. but when i was pregnant i loved looking at other people's lists (this one and this one were great) to get an idea of what i might need.

so, i thought i'd put together my own list of the 50 (or so) baby products you might need for the first three months. i've broken it down to what i had to have, what was really nice to have and what i haven't really used (yet) but could be important. since it's only for the first three months, i haven't included things like high chairs, baby proofing apparatus, etc.

WHAT YOU HAVE TO HAVE (if you're like me):


1. obviously the one thing you have to have to take your baby home in a car is an infant carseat. we got the chicco keyfit 30 and it works fine (although my baby is not fond of being in it), but next time i would consider getting one that converts to forward facing for when baby gets bigger.

2. baby carrier. we have the moby and the baby bjorn. the bjorn is easier to put on, can be used longer and the husband likes it too.

3. baby swing/seat so you can get stuff done during baby's awake times! we bought a cheap one at target or you could get one used.

4. my stroller came with a bassinet that was perfect for having him with me in other parts of the house while i got something to eat or took a shower. the only thing about this stroller is that it doesn't turn easily enough***. if you're active, you might want to look into this stroller. also, get a stroller adaptor that fits your carseat. ***edit: we have since figured out how to unlock the wheels (head slap!) so actually we love this stroller and find that it turns wonderfully well when you have the wheels unlocked. ;) 


5. infant long-sleeved shirts with fold over tops for tiny little fingernails. it was nice that the hospital provided a few of these because shirts are better than onesies since they don't irritate the cord stump as much. also, tiny little newborn pants. you might want 6-12 of these depending on how often you want to do laundry (babies are messy!). also: 8-12 onesies (0-3 months), 4-6 pants (0-3 months), socks, mittens.


6. swaddles. i used SwaddleMe at first. you'll want two packs because there are numerous blowouts in the beginning. now i LOVE the truewomb swaddle, and i only need one because he doesn't blow out at night anymore.

7. a bassinet to keep baby near you at night. we like this one. (plus a mattress, mattress pad and sheets)

8. a sound machine. we got the travel sleep sheep which is perfectly sized for throwing into a bag; however i hate that it turns off after 45 minutes.

9. a fan. adds an extra noise buffer to the room and keeps air circulating which is linked to increased infant safety while sleeping.

10. an awesome baby monitor. probably the most important thing after the swaddle for baby's sleep/mom's peace of mind.

11. a nightlight. you'll want to be able to look over and check on baby during those first few weeks at home without waking him up. also, really handy for nighttime feedings when you want to keep things quiet and boring so he goes back to sleep easily.


12. lanolin for sore nipples. the hospital might provide a tube. i went through at least four tubes before i stopped using it. i also really recommend Dr. Brown's All Purpose Nipple Ointment if breastfeeding continues to be painful after the first week or so. you need a prescription from your doctor or midwife and the pharmacy will have to prepare the compound for you.

13. a million disposable breast pads. even if you don't leak, the lanolin will stain your clothing so you need a pad for protection. i don't recommend the washable ones because you will go through literally a gazillion in the beginning so it's not worth it. and, if you're like me, you won't leak after the first month so you will eventually stop needing them at all. i went through maybe 15 boxes? you can buy lanolin and pads at target in a pinch but they are cheaper on amazon.

14. a breast pump. after a month of pain, i pumped every other feed for a whole weekend to give my nipples time to heal, and it worked like a charm. $200 well spent. and if you exclusively breastfeed, you'll want to send your baby with breastmilk if you ever need a babysitter, even if it's just for a few hours.

15. this nursing bra (you'll want three) is pretty comfy, though the removable pads are a little ill-fitting sometimes. a sleep bra is also nice to have.

16. burp cloths. these work great for us.

Postpartum Relief

17. pads or panty liners for the first 6-8 weeks of bleeding postpartum. it's just the name of the game. ibuprofen, witch's hazel, and epsom salt also help with healing.


18. disposable newborn diapers with cut out for cord stump. (p.s. babies go through 10-15 diapers a day in the beginning!)

19. wipes

20. this diaper pail is great for disposable (keeps the odors in). but the opening is too small for cloth diapers. here's a pail i like for cloth, and more carbon filters. a pail liner, if you're going to cloth diaper. and while we're on the subject: cloth diapers. diaper sprayer. sprayer shield. diaper detergent.  drying rack

23. changing pad liners (trust me on this and get atleast two packs)


24. baby tylenol/ibuprofen (ask your pediatrician. ours recommended ibuprofen versus tylenol)

25. thermometer

26. hand sanitizer


32. baby brush


33. we never bought a rocking chair and instead used an exercise ball to bounce baby during those first 6 weeks of evening fussiness. it also helped to put him back to sleep at night. 


34. a breastfeeding pillow is really nice for the beginning when breastfeeding is difficult. My Brest Friend was better support but the Boppy was more convenient.

35. we love this travel crib. it's lighter and easier to assemble than a pack and play. it's great if you need to take him to a babysitter while you go out or if you want him to nap while you're visiting a friend.

36. wipes warmer. soothing for middle of the night changes. you'll need more inserts eventually.

37. these linen blankets are so, so nice and very handy. i use it as a sheet, a nursing cover, a car seat cover, a wrap, a blanket and a burp cloth!

38. a nice diaper bag. i love this one though it's really big. bonus: it comes with a changing pad. 

39. a wet bag to throw in your diaper bag for stashing dirty clothes or diapers. it's washable, but i wish it were larger.

40. sun shades for the car

41. books, soft rattles, colorful teething links, high contrast picture cards, and other toys for baby to look at and hold.

42. bibs to catch all that drool.

WHAT COULD BE IMPORTANT (though I haven't really used them much yet)

43. pacifiers. my baby generally doesn't take one, but every baby is different and sucking is an important calming reflex for a baby. you can also try different kinds.

44. diaper rash creme

45. snot sucker and saline drops for little stuffed noses

46. humidifier

47. bottles (you do at least need a nipple for the bottles that come with the ameda breast pump)

48. bottle brush cleaner

49. teething toys. this one is so cute and made of all natural material so it's safe for baby to chew on.

50. all-natural sunscreen. it's not recommended to use sunscreen on a baby before 6 months, but ask your pediatrician.

51. gripe water and/or gas drops. my pediatrician recommended this, but i haven't tried it.

well, that was fun. hope it's helpful! and i'd love to hear of anything i missed that you thought was useful in the comments!

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