Monday, August 12, 2013

the house saga continues...and a cute baby for your time

i'm not sure how it's possible, but i seem to have the cutest baby of all time. prepare to agree with me:


those rings. he really has their number now.

so, you know how life is. one minute you're installing diaper sprayers on toilets and the next minute, there's water all over the bathroom from the elves who mysteriously tightened the gaskets too tight. (i'll probably look back fondly on these days when water is all that's all over the bathroom, hmm? let's not think about it. cloth diapering. why?)

but the upside is that we did get a lot done in the house department this weekend. thanks to taskmaster B;)  poor loverboy didn't know what hit him. i was all, install the diaper sprayer! hang the curtain rods! put together this end table! paint the nursery! let's go to trader joe's! whew. i'm exhausted just thinking about it. oh, wait, no, i'm exhausted because we've had to wake up at 6:30 TWICE in the last three days. TWICE! we do not get up before the sun in this house. it's just unholy. and yet, so much got done. i choose not to believe there's a correlation.

this little man was surprisingly pretty cheerful about it all. i think because he got to go to the mall for the first time. and let me tell you, if there's any way to introduce a mall, it's during tax-free weekend. there were so many people my mall stress knots got squished to death. and i never knew i could be so happy clustering around a starbucks counter with 50 other people. you know it's gonna be a good day when you get to feel a little superior picking up an americano in a sea of white chocolate mochas and vanilla bean frappuccinos (while gobbling a chocolate chip cookie). ;)

all in all, a deliciously productive, caffeine-fueled time. and how was your weekend?


  1. the best is when people now come over to your house and awkwardly ask why you have a cheap bidet. oh parenting.

  2. andrea, haha! can't wait ;)