Monday, September 16, 2013

naps aren't just for babies

well what do you know, loverboy's proclamations came true saturday morning. we got up rather early for a saturday morning, which has been the baby's royal decree lately anyhow, and met the grandparents at stone mountain for a family walk. the weather! i could wax poetic about that weather. i could. but this weekend was so dang relaxing i just can't muster up the energy. this weekend was all about naps. naps and haircuts and mediterranean food in decatur and the baby sleeping in his own room for the first time. no more obnoxious shushing when we creep stealthily into the room at night, no more panic attacks when loverby snores, no more not daring to move in your sleep for fear of waking the small slumbering one. oh it was lovely.

happy walker, number 1
happy walkers, numbers two, three and four
and this one looks really good in track pants and hoodie. i declare it the grace family uniform from now on.
the handsome grace men.
out to eat at another restaurant! wilder wouldn't stop staring at me. was it the hair?
first time i've ever had my hair at a midlength on purpose. i think i like it. it's very mom of me.
in his own bed!
between naps we did some light reading. three dancing pigs say lalala!
is it just me or is this baby rather long and skinny suddenly?

naps-aren't-just-for-babies B.

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