Monday, February 10, 2014



this granola bar recipe is so good, it's worthy of your departing this blog post posthaste and making it as soon as possible.

but on to more serious things.

i'm sort of falling in love with domesticity. is that a thing? i think so.

lately, i'm finding myself becoming addicted to being in the kitchen. it's just so satisfying to enjoy the fruits of my labors. (haha). but also, it helps knowing that we are eating more healthily (not to mention frugally), instead of relying as unrestrainedly as we had been on snacks, premade store-bought food, and eating out. for awhile, i felt that i was doing good to heat something frozen up in the microwave. i mean, that is just how much mothering and moving and houseprojects what have you had bamboozled my capacity. but now that things are relatively sane around the homestead (speaking of homesteads, have you watched this show? we started watching last fall and are addicted.), i'm getting reacquainted with my inner Betty Crocker.

i've really always adored food. i think i can pinpoint it's inception to key childhood experiences such as my mom's crepes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, olive-oil drizzled hummus at my grandparent's house, that little plastic tea set that my friend's American Girl doll had (i swear those dolls have better cooking utensils than i do!), and the big, red communal cup the family drank from (no floaties! and, um, not as gross as you're thinking???).

anyways, living on one income has it's restrictions, and so we are endeavoring to be wiser, more thrifty and less commercially minded than our former selves. in that vein, i made these granola bars twice in the past week. and okay, maybe they aren't really that healthy (especially not when you blaze through the first batch faster than three people should—i make sure and feed myself the baby's portion;), but goshdarnit, they're good!

i'm thinking about eventually expanding my newfound domesticity to other areas of the house. a friend of mine even makes her own laundry detergent and dish soap! have you heard of that? i'm itching to try.

in the meantime, if you're looking for me, i'll be in the kitchen. ;)

domestic-goddess-in-training B.

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  1. hey lady. I got inspired by this post to make my own granola and consumed 40 servings of it in 2 weeks. do you have any good granola recipes up your sleeves? I need to reverse engineer the Hilda's house-made granola. great little breakfast spot near Weesh in Irwin Street Market if you haven't been. though I still prefer Cafe Jonah!