Wednesday, February 12, 2014

what can i say for myself

two of my friends posted lists about themselves on their blogs recently, and it's another icepocalypse wednesday in atlanta, so i thought it only necessary to copy them stat. 

nicole, this list is for you. :)

1. i can't whistle. 
2. i once (twice, sort of) went blonde. it wasn't pretty. especially the nearly 3 years it took for it to get healthy again!
3. i didn't have dolls growing up; i had an imaginary pet wolf. named vicious, naturally. 
4. in college i had 4 different majors. afterwards, i started 2 others and applied to 3 different graduate programs. 
5. i have traveled to 5 continents. 
6. i first wanted to be an actress, then a gymnast, then a pilot. now i'm none of them—or all three, depending on how you look at it. 
7. i have a talent for ordering the right food at restaurants. i know, my skills are hard to come by.
8. grocery stores and airports are two of my favorite places. 
9. i have perfect vision in my right eye. 
10. i learned to drive on a stick shift, and i prefer it. 
11. i often don't know what i feel until i write it down.
12. i have to stop myself from obsessively tidying up. 
13. we had a TV the size of an envelope growing up, and i only remember watching two things on it: the 1992 presidential elections and the winter olympics. i wish i could still say that.
14. i had a natural (drug-free) childbirth. i'm (really) not sure i'll do it again. 
15. i can't sleep if my feet are hot. 
16. i used to have a phobia of wearing green. 
17. i don't have a middle name, which i always thought was really unfair. 
18. i'm woefully ignorant about pop culture, music, and politics. (see #13)
19. the second year of Bible school was the happiest year of my life. 
20. i've wanted to write a novel for the past 8 years. i'm, er, still working on that.
and a bonus one: 
21. i don't think i applied myself seriously to anything in my life until i became a mother. 


  1. I'm so glad about 12 because i'm the same way. It's actually the biggest cause of discord in my house. And don't worry about number 14, it is bizarrely easier the second time. my midwife kept on tell me that there was no way to explain it, but your body just remembers how to do it and therefore copes better (I totally agree).
    and 17- just give yourself one. it shouldn't cost too much. and it would be so fun! think of it that way ... your parents left it up to you! :)

  2. yaay! love this list :) especially #8 and #13 :)